Second World War

Review – Reading the Postwar Future: Textual Turning Points from 1944

Richard Toye • Apr 22 2020 • Features

This edited volume is a project of intellectual history, exploring how key texts from 1944 reflected on and helped shape a different world order.

Interview – Christian Davies

E-International Relations • Jul 30 2019 • Features

Journalist Christian Davies talks to us about the current situation in Poland, Poland and Hungary’s relations with the EU, and some of the challenges facing journalists.

Remembering D-Day: Questioning How We Compartmentalize War

Colin Flint • May 22 2019 • Articles

The Mulberry Harbours were more than physical bridges. Historically they spanned a transition from 19th century British geopolitics to 20th century US geopolitics.

The Transnational in China’s Foreign Policy: The Case of Sino-Japanese Relations

Casper Wits • Apr 10 2019 • Articles

Relations between the People’s Republic of China and Japan seem to display a plethora of unresolved issues that strain the ties between the two countries.

American Policy towards Czechoslovakia, 1918–1945

Artem Zorin • Mar 13 2019 • Articles

Despite calls for support from Czechoslovak democratic forces, the U.S. showed no intentions of increasing its influence in the republic following both World Wars.

The Comfort Women Controversy in the American Public Square

Thomas J. Ward and William D. Lay • Mar 10 2019 • Articles

A prevalent mindset existed, and is deeply rooted, among both the Japanese and American military that women were expected to provide sexual services to their soldiers.

Statue Politics vs. East Asian Security: The Growing Role of China

Thomas J. Ward and William D. Lay • Mar 8 2019 • Articles

China’s goals in jumping on the official comfort women bandwagon are arguably strategic, helping support the growing divide between Japan and Korea.

Inconsistencies in the Korean Comfort Women Narrative

Thomas J. Ward and William D. Lay • Mar 7 2019 • Articles

The fact that Korean military also availed themselves of the ‘special comfort unit’ during the Korean War has received little public attention, even since the 1990’s.

Korean Civil Society Organizations: Accomplishments and Expectations

Thomas J. Ward and William D. Lay • Mar 2 2019 • Articles

Koreans have drawn parallels between the treatment of the comfort women and the Holocaust, leading Koreans to seek recognition of guilt and accountability from Japan.

The Unusual Case of Taiwan

Thomas J. Ward and William D. Lay • Mar 1 2019 • Articles

Unlike Korea, Taiwan has built monuments to pay homage to Japan, honoring the contribution that Japan made to Taiwan during the colonial period, including comfort women.

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