Soft Power

The State of China’s Soft Power in 2020

Daniele Carminati • Jul 3 2020 • Articles
China’s culture still has limited appeal, but as long as it is supported by economic assets and growth, its soft power is bound to attract.

Soft Power: Can Less be More?

Max Nurnus • Apr 15 2020 • Articles
Trump and his administration are probably a disaster for American soft power and undermine the country’s standing in the world – but is that necessarily bad?

Italy as the Kremlin’s ‘Trojan Horse’ in Europe: Some Overlooked Factors

Artem Patalakh • Apr 11 2020 • Articles
As Russian influence in Italy grows, Putin's ‘Trojan horse’ in the EU reflects several societal trends, molding perceptions of a foreign policy appropriate for Italy.

Opinion – Estonia’s Soft Power through Technology

Alex Hardy • Feb 14 2020 • Articles
Whilst Estonian domestic politics continues to be somewhat chaotic, its expansive foreign policy continues to embrace e-Governance as a soft power tool of the future.

Review – Russia’s Public Diplomacy: Evolution and Practice

Olga Krasnyak • Oct 22 2019 • Features
This volume highlights historical approaches as well as the distinct features of Russia's public diplomacy, such as its positioning as the guardian of traditional values.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Debt Trap or Soft Power Catalyst?

Daniele Carminati • Sep 1 2019 • Articles
A reassessment of how China wants to present itself to the world should come sooner than later, as it takes a long time to build a trustworthy reputation.

The Limits of Soft Power-Sports Diplomacy Templates in IR Research

Nikos Lekakis • Jun 23 2019 • Articles
The sports diplomacy templates fail to provide a meaningful platform for understanding the international impact of mega-sporting event campaigns on a country’s soft power

Non-State Power: The Case of Hamas

Glen Segell • Feb 18 2019 • Articles
Non-state actors that prioritize control and censorship over openness, would be deficient in soft power projection and success. So they would fall to using sharp power.

The ‘Exceptional’ Chinese Soft Power: Outlier or Pioneer?

Daniele Carminati • Dec 11 2018 • Articles
Soft power is a term coined by Joseph Nye in the late 1980s. Soft or not, Chinese strategies are all-pervading although not necessarily sustainable in the current state.

Pushing the Boundaries of Soft Power: The Controversial Chinese Case

Daniele Carminati • Jul 11 2018 • Articles
When dealing with such a prominent and complex power as China, discussing and generalizing about its conduct may raise more questions than it answers.

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