South Africa

Africa’s COVID-19 Exceptionalism? Same Problems, Different Locations

Robert L. Ostergard, Jr. • Jun 26 2020 • Articles

The virus is hitting African states head-on, but disproportionately, providing lessons for other states about pandemic response – both positive and negative.

Interview – Eliza Garnsey

E-International Relations • Jun 11 2020 • Features

Eliza Garnsey explains the role art can play in transitional justice, how art can be a form of political participation, and the meaning of ‘visual jurisprudence’.

The ‘Forgotten Double’: Reflections at a Johannesburg War Memorial

Peter Vale • Nov 19 2018 • Articles

Experiences of ‘the international’ include folklore, legend, and oral history – places where IR is unable to go because of its preoccupation with rationality and order. It is time this cloak is removed.

Interview – Elisabete Azevedo-Harman

E-International Relations • Oct 11 2018 • Features

Elisabete Azevedo-Harman sheds light on the growth of communication, citizenship and technology in Africa and discusses Dhlakama’s legacy, democracy and President Nyusi.

Closing the Second Cycle in BRICS: A Surprise or Business as Usual?

Victoria V. Panova • Jun 6 2018 • Articles

BRICS has by now turned into a brand. This brand imposes responsibility on its members to respond to global challenges and serves the interests of the global community.

Jan Smuts, Jawaharlal Nehru and the Legacies of Liberalism

Vineet Thakur • May 18 2018 • Articles

Placing Smuts and Nehru within the broader liberal paradigm, we come to a picture that is both global and local, contextual and textual, historical and contemporary.

How the BRICS Exert Influence in the Global Politics of Development

Matthias vom Hau • Oct 24 2017 • Articles

The strategies BRICS countries use to cement their rising economic position depend on their particular circumstances and national economic and political characteristics

Review Article – The BRICs and International Relations

Ray Kiely • Nov 21 2015 • Features

These two academically rigorous books serve as valuable guides to the relations among BRICs and provide engaging analyses on their impact on international order.

Faustian Pacts and the War beneath My Feet

Peter Vale • Oct 1 2015 • Articles

As quickly as mining shafts were sealed in Johannesburg they have been re-opened and worked by a new generation of illegal miners run by gangs.

Sacred Cows and the Idea of Political Economy in Southern Africa

Peter Vale • Aug 5 2015 • Articles

South African politics must move beyond narrow thinking and recognise political economy as a tool not only for sound analysis, but also for good policy-making.

The Developing World’s Tragic Engagement with Microcredit

Milford Bateman • Oct 20 2014 • Articles

The microcredit model has tragically failed. Governments now need to establish community-based financial institutions that can promote sustainable pro-poor development.

BRICS’s New Institutions and Their Impact on International Political Economy

Victoria V. Panova • Sep 27 2014 • Articles

Where the challenge lies for the Golden Billion is in the form and method of decision-taking and new model of cooperation founded on mutual respect and support.

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