Review – Thucydides on Choice and Decision Making: Why War is Not Inevitable

Kyriakos Mikelis • Nov 19 2019 • Features

Ilias Kouskouvelis’ latest book provides a meticulous content analysis of Thucydides’ work, which focuses on choice and decision-making in relation to war and peace.

Review – Thucydides on the Outbreak of War

Alexandros Koutsoukis • Aug 5 2019 • Features

Jaffe’s excellent and accessible book deals with the state of the art literature on realism and constructivism and challenges realist interpretations of Thucydides.

The Thucydides Trap: A Distorted Compass

Ilias Kouskouvelis • Nov 5 2017 • Articles

Those who seek authority in Thucydides’ writings should proceed with the utmost caution or they may find themselves distorting his ideas like Graham Allison has.

The US, China and the Real Thucydides Trap

Ilias Kouskouvelis • Jul 16 2017 • Articles

War is avoidable. The real ‘Thucydides Trap’ is not that of competition and fear. The answer lies in Thucydides’ multi-causal thinking.

Interview – Richard Ned Lebow

E-International Relations • Feb 15 2016 • Features

Richard Ned Lebow discusses his ‘dinner party’ with Mozart, reflects on the key events that shaped his life, and explains what distinguishes his theory of constructivism.

The Peloponnesian War and Killer Robots: Norms of Protection in Security Policy

Matthew Bolton and Cayman Mitchell • Aug 29 2014 • Articles

We need not be grateful for the ‘protection’ of killer robots; we may instead mimic Lysistrata and humanize the very structure of protection in the 21st century.

The Tale of a ‘Realism’ in International Relations

Hartmut Behr and Xander Kirke • Jun 13 2014 • Articles

The tale of a contiguous Realist tradition, running the gamut from Thucydides to Morgenthau, occludes these thinkers’ strong normative commitments.

Review – History of the Peloponnesian War

Tom Moylan • Mar 14 2013 • Features

Thucydides is often cited as the father of realism in IR. This review assesses the arguments for and against his inclusion in the pantheon of International Relations scholarship.

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