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Before you go forward to the specific submission guidelines via the links below, please note:

•  We do not mind what variant of English you write in, but your grammar must be at a publishable standard.
•  We do not have the editorial resources to translate submissions from other languages into English.
•  We do not charge our authors any fees, nor do we pay authors a fee/royalty for anything that we publish.
•  Submissions must not be under consideration with other publishers, and must not be published elsewhere.
•  Submission initiates the expenditure of our time on your behalf and thereby gives prior consent for publication.
•  Content is published under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-4.0 license. Copyright remains with the author(s).
•  Our Publishing Agreement, which covers everything published by us online and in print, is available here.
•  If you have your work published on E-International Relations, our author resources page may be of use.

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