An Ontological Reading of Turkey’s AK Party – Gülen Movement Conflict

Arslan Ayan • Jul 21 2019 • Articles

An alliance that once existed gradually turned to conflict post-2010 because both sides began to fear an erosion in their self-identities as a source of distinctiveness.

Interview – Selim Koru

E-International Relations • Apr 26 2018 • Features

Analyst Selim Koru shares his views on Turkey’s relations with Russia and its Western allies, its approach to Islamic State, the Kurdish PKK and the peace process.

The Rise of Anti-Intellectualism in light of the AKP’s Education Policy

Çağlar Ezikoğlu • Feb 10 2018 • Articles

One of the most important results of this strategy is to transform the educational policy of Turkey under AKP rule in the light of anti-intellectualism.

The Turkish Referendum and Its Impact on Turkey’s Foreign Policy

Md. Muddassir Quamar • May 22 2017 • Articles

The Turkish referendum results have confirmed a change in Turkey’s political system and has, in the views of Erdoğan’s critics, formalized an authoritarian rule.

A Cynical Report Card on the Turkish Game of Thrones

Oğuzhan Göksel • Aug 13 2016 • Articles

Since 2013, Turkey has been struggling with intense political instability. Yet after the recent coup was defeated, President Erdoğan has consolidated his hegemony.

Using Civil War to Build an Authoritarian Regime: Turkey’s Policy towards Syria

Burak Bilgehan Özpek • Jun 30 2016 • Articles

The AKP government’s policy towards Syria has produced repercussions affecting Turkey’s global relations and given rise to authoritarian tendencies in domestic realm.

Turkey’s Borderlands, the Syrian Civil War, and the Kurds

Ugur Ümit Üngör • Sep 22 2015 • Articles

For countries that share a long land border and overlapping populations with similar customs, ‘spillover’ is a natural sociological corollary of transnational ties.

Kurds, Democracy and a New Coalition Government

Kubilay Yado Arin • Aug 11 2015 • Articles

The Turkish election results validate the path towards a political solution to the Kurdish question and point towards further Kurdish unity in the region.

Turkey, the Islamic State, and the Kurdistan Liberation Movement

Joost Jongerden and Bahar Şimşek • Nov 24 2014 • Articles

The congruence IS seeks to create between culture and geography resembles the development of a modern nation-state more than many might be willing to admit.

Presidential Elections in Turkey: The Victory of a ‘New State of Affairs’

Nikos Moudouros • Sep 20 2014 • Articles

Turkey’s presidential developments mark two processes. First, reinstating the conflict around the position of political Islam. Second, a post-Western foreign policy.

Turkish Presidential Elections and the Kurdish Peace Process

Sibel Oktay • Aug 10 2014 • Articles

Recep Tayyip Erdogan will most likely be elected as the next president of Turkey. If not, expect to see progress on the Kurdish peace process from the AKP government.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Year of Living Dangerously

Malik Mufti • Apr 20 2014 • Articles

It has been a difficult year for democratic Islamists across the Middle East. The past year’s events constitute a test of the Brotherhood’s commitment to democracy.

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