The ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Video: Why All the Fuss?

Stephen McGlinchey • Sep 15 2012 • Articles
As violence escalates across the Arab world, many questions remain unanswered. But, the events in Libya, Egypt and elsewhere have absolutely nothing to do with this video.

How Can Islam Help Us Tackle Climate Change?

Arwa Aburawa • Aug 24 2012 • Articles
Rather than lagging behind in awareness and action around climate change, Islamic nations should be leading the way by taking their Islamic duties to the environment more seriously.

The Human Terrain System in Northeast Baghdad: The View From The Team Level

Peter W. Pierce and Robert M. Kerr • Aug 20 2012 • Articles
Rather than debating the ethics of social science in military operations, this article provides an inside account of the Human Terrain concept in a culturally complex area: northeast Baghdad.

Review – Syria at Bay

Christina Hellmich • Aug 16 2012 • Features
Carsten Wieland offers a nuanced insight into the complex make-up of Syrian society before it descended into chaos. Such insights will be of enormous value in a post Assad era.

Extremist Islam and Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan and Iraq

Jeffrey Haynes • Jul 23 2012 • Articles
Recent conflicts have highlighted how religion and identity are central to security issues. The question remains as to what extent individual conflict zones are facets of a wider, transnational war which pits the ‘West’ against al Qaeda?

It Is a Civil War Within Islam: Not Global Terrorism

Dick Krickus • Jun 13 2012 • Articles
Washington cannot unilaterally deal with the mayhem that the Islamic civil war has unleashed. The U.S. must enlist allies in multilateral responses to jihadist threats. Often, events can only be influenced at the margins. At times, the most prudent policy may be to do nothing at all.

Turkey Today: A “Leviathan” or a “Law-seeker”?

Begum Burak • Apr 25 2012 • Articles
The profound social and political changes Turkey has undergone have made it a law seeking nation. Ankara is now on the path to becoming a full fledged democracy under the rule of law.

Localizing Islam in Europe: Religious Activism among Turkish Islamic Communities

Ahmet Yukleyen • Apr 10 2012 • Articles
It may be premature to talk about a distinct European Islam. Yet, the diverse activism among Turkish Islamic organizations indicates that Islam is incrementally but surely localizing in Europe.

The Democratic Contradictions of Multiculturalism

Jens-Martin Eriksen and Frederik Stjernfelt • Mar 22 2012 • Articles
Some theories of multiculturalism sell out democratic principles. ‘Culture’ has been turned into a political ideology that overrules democratic principles and human rights.

Grinding Terrorist Networks Down in 2012

Raffaello Pantucci • Feb 26 2012 • Articles
The nature of the terror threat is shifting and the question that has not been properly answered is whether we are seeing a threat that is finally in decline or continues to ascend.

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