Unbordered Rights: The Geography of Cyberspace

P.J. Blount • Dec 5 2019 • Articles
World-scale political geography is shifting as new actors become mediums for power within the system, revealing complexity by adding Cyberspace onto the political geography of international space. 

Security, Power, and Digital Privacy

Thomas N. Cooke • Apr 30 2015 • Articles
To approach the security, power and digital privacy triangulation through Dissent means that we, use ‘digital privacy’ as a starting point in the research triangulation.

Is there a Cabin in the Woods? Reflections on Mass Surveillance and Human Rights

Benjamin J. Muller • Dec 21 2014 • Articles
Contemporary impulses to surveil and Moves to securitize nearly all forms of mobility and otherness are opposed to notions of hospitality, acceptance and understanding.

Man-Up Mr Snowden! Masculinities and National Security

Klaus Dodds • Jun 8 2014 • Articles
Ever since news broke that Edward Snowden was the National Security Agency ‘leaker’ and fugitive, discussion has raged about his masculinity, including his sexuality.

Democracy and Security: The Current Debate on Reforming U.S. Intelligence

Thomas Bruneau • Feb 13 2014 • Articles
The revelations of Edward Snowden regarding the NSA have focused more attention on the issue of reforming intelligence in the US than at any time since 1970s.

The NSA Revelations and the State of American Intelligence

Erik J. Dahl • Jan 28 2014 • Articles
The end result of the NSA debate is likely to be an even more capable intelligence community that is better supported by the leaders who guide it and the people it protects.

The NSA, Snowden and the Media

Robert Dover • Jan 15 2014 • Articles
Traditional forms of media have historically been critical friends to the intelligence agencies, but this relationship has become antagonistic because of the Snowden leaks.

What NSA Leaks Reveal about Ethics in America’s Intelligence Community

Michael Andregg • Jan 12 2014 • Articles
American intelligence community employees are devoted to the welfare of their countries and citizens, but they must deal with bureaucracies that often punish people who act on ethical insights.

The Potential of Social Network Analysis in Intelligence

Kristan J. Wheaton and Melonie K. Richey • Jan 9 2014 • Articles
Within its limits, SNA can be applied to identify individuals or organizations within a network, generate new leads and simulate flows of information or money throughout a network.

Buffeted not Busted: The UKUSA ‘Five-Eyes’ after Snowden

Adam D.M. Svendsen • Jan 8 2014 • Articles
UKUSA and the intelligence co-operation between the ‘Five-Eyes’ members can be best analysed as being 'buffeted and not busted' by the recent series of Snowden-related NSA leaks.

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