Arab Spring

Long Game, Hard Choices: The Obama Administration and Democracy in Egypt

Nicolas Bouchet • Sep 6 2016 • Articles

The experiences of the Arab Spring cannot be erased and the US will have no choice but to factor in its foreign policy, the popular political aspirations in the region.

Interview – Loretta Napoleoni

E-International Relations • May 27 2016 • Features

Loretta Napoleoni discusses the finances of terror networks, the challenge of countering ISIS, and the attraction of China’s economic model for developing countries.

Interview – Nadje Al-Ali

E-International Relations • Jan 30 2016 • Features

Professor Al-Ali answers questions on the difficulties faced by Iraqi female academics, the role of women’s movements in the MENA region, and the academic-activist link.

Review – Bahrain’s Uprising

Kristian Coates Ulrichsen • Jan 20 2016 • Features

This edited collection reconstructs an evocative and comprehensive account of the forgotten flashpoint of the Arab Spring – Kingdom of Bahrain’s Pearl uprising.

Review – Qatar and the Arab Spring

Silvia Colombo • Dec 28 2015 • Features

A rich, accurate and compelling account of Qatar’s rise as a prominent foreign policy actor and its related pitfalls that will benefit both experts and the wider public.

The Arab Uprisings Five Years After

Martin Beck • Dec 1 2015 • Articles

In several Arab countries transformation is dominated, by political violence. The polity has broken down—the central state fails to deliver security to its citizens.

Quick to the Rescue: Humanitarian Intervention in Libya

Clotilde Asangna • Nov 9 2015 • Essays

The decision-making process that guided resolution 1973 was based on national interests, realpolitik calculations, geo-strategic considerations, and domestic politics.

Interview – H.A. Hellyer

E-International Relations • Oct 10 2015 • Features

Dr H.A. Hellyer answers questions on contemporary Islamist politics, relations between European states and their Muslim populations, and the Egyptian revolution of 2011.

Interview – Sarah Chayes

E-International Relations • Sep 30 2015 • Features

Sarah Chayes discusses her research into state corruption, explains its links to issues of conflict and revolution, and reflects on the US invasion of Afghanistan.

Interview – Fawaz A. Gerges

E-International Relations • Aug 3 2015 • Features

Professor Gerges discusses Islam and nationalism, the way the Muslim Brotherhood contributed to radicalisation, and explains grassroots activism after the Arab Spring.

Edited Collection – Caliphates and Islamic Global Politics

E-International Relations • Apr 5 2015 • Features

This collection addresses common questions about Political Islam, Islamic State/ISIS, and challenges common understandings on the issue of Islam and democracy.

Political Islam and Arab Civil Society

Timothy Poirson • Dec 12 2014 • Articles

Political Islam is a term that is often used amongst circles of academics and policymakers, but its complexity is seldom acknowledged or understood – especially post 2011.

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