Review – Following the Leader

Francis Grice • Mar 13 2015 • Features
Lampton's book provides fascinating new information and perspectives on modern China's political system, but for existing scholars and students of Chinese politics.

Review – China’s Foreign Political and Economic Relations

Angela Stanzel • Mar 1 2015 • Features
Heilmann & Schmidt provide an objective and insightful account of China's policy-making. Their book is therefore recommended for anyone interested in contemporary China.

‘The Interview’ and the Popular Culture-World Politics Continuum

Robert A. Saunders • Dec 23 2014 • Articles
In the wake of this scandal, it is possible that other states may use novel tools and techniques to extinguish negative representations of national identity in film.

China Dreamin’

Michael Barr • Dec 8 2014 • Articles
The ‘China Dream’ and the confucian revival both appeal to a halcyon era but underlying them is a much deeper problem: what does it mean to be Chinese today?

Abe (Finally) Meets Xi: A Step towards Stabilization of Japan-China Relations?

Yuki Tatsumi • Nov 16 2014 • Articles
The two sides have decided to discuss plans to prevent maritime accidents from turning into military crises, whilst working to resume bilateral dialogue in other areas.

The Hong Kong Umbrella Movement: A Students’ or a People’s Movement?

Che-po Chan • Nov 11 2014 • Articles
Although the Umbrella Movement could be seen as a peoples movement in terms of broad participation, students have played the major role.

From Clash of Vision to Power Struggle: The US, China, and Freedom of Navigation

Trang Pham and Truong-Minh Vu • Oct 31 2014 • Articles
By forming the new “rule of game” relying on limited freedom of navigation of foreign vessels, China is attempting to build its own de facto “Monroe Doctrine” at sea.

Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement and Beijing’s Failure to Honor the Basic Law

Michael C. Davis • Oct 29 2014 • Articles
Trust in the local and Beijing governments has been damaged; a moderate approach would serve Beijing’s interests better than the confrontational approach taken so far.

Review – Maritime Diplomacy in the 21st Century

James Manicom • Oct 12 2014 • Features
Le Mière sheds light on an area of diplomacy that has largely been overlooked despite its growing importance in the maritime century.

China’s Counterproductive Counterterrorism Policies

Justin Hastings • Oct 8 2014 • Articles
The crackdown on Uyghur separatist violence is unlikely to be successful in the long term and may paradoxically be creating the very problem China always feared.

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