US Policy on the South and East China Seas: Is Underbalancing the Future’s Wave?

Brad Nelson • Jul 20 2015 • Articles
The US needs to set new patterns of behavior now so as to instantiate them, make them routine and hard to break in the future, no matter who is in the White House.

Review – The Sino-Soviet Alliance: An International History

Wonhee Lee • Jun 27 2015 • Features
Jersild provides an excellent multidimensional analysis of the Beijing-Moscow relationship and valuable strategic insights which demarcate this book from earlier titles.

Review – The China-Pakistan Axis: Asia’s New Geopolitics

Kunal Mukherjee • Jun 24 2015 • Features
Small gives us a fresh and well-researched book on Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and Afghani politics and the key geopolitical security issues of the Asian region.

‘Oil Then,’ ‘Water Now’: Another Reason for War in the 21st Century?

Strobe Driver • Jun 22 2015 • Articles
Water has now become a most sought after commodity, one that countries have displayed a renewed interest in and with an increasing amount of threat-of-force.

Interview – Emilian Kavalski

E-International Relations • Jun 20 2015 • Features
Emilian Kavalski reflects on his approach to climate change, propounds the relevancy of 'complexity thinking' to IR, and discusses the current “power shift to the East”.

Interview – Jonathan Holslag

E-International Relations • Jun 10 2015 • Features
Dr. Holslag discusses how the rise of China is changing world order, considers the security dilemmas this is creating in Asia, and reflects on realist approaches to IR.

Interview – Minqi Li

E-International Relations • Apr 7 2015 • Features
Professor Li discusses crises of the global economy, the significance of ecological limits to growth, and the imperative for an alternative socialist world system.

Can the United States and China avoid A Thucydides Trap?

David Welch • Apr 6 2015 • Articles
“The Thucydides Trap” may prove to be moot. There is nothing inevitable about China’s rise but if it continues to rise, the dangers do not lie with “THE” Thucydides Trap.

To Be, or Not to Be [Reincarnated] – That Is The [Political] Question

John A. Rees • Apr 1 2015 • Articles
Most often, what we think we know about the predictabilities of religious behavior is confounded by political events and the role that religious actors play within them.

The Asia-Pacific Scramble and a ‘Larger Australia’

Strobe Driver • Mar 30 2015 • Articles
Australia should begin to position itself as a politically-astute player in the region and in doing so, make decisions that create realpolitik rather than frictions.

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