Interview – Tristen Naylor

E-International Relations • Dec 23 2019 • Features

Tristen Naylor considers the English School research agenda, his theory of ‘international social closure’, global governance, and fieldwork at the G20 and G7.

Review – Social Closure and International Society

Petros Petrikkos • Sep 19 2019 • Features

Naylor’s framework analyses how state and non-state actors compete for status within international society by focusing on social division, stratification and closure.

Interview – Tomohiko Taniguchi

E-International Relations • Apr 29 2019 • Features

Tomohiko Taniguchi shares his views on Japan’s global standing, its foreign relations with the EU and its Northeast neighbours, and the impact of ‘Abenomics’ policies.

The Domestic Nightmare and the Unfulfilled Global Dreams of Brazil

Francine Rossone de Paula • May 11 2018 • Articles

In the name of the dream of global relevance in the future, Brazilian leaders often ends up forgetting to rule in the name of people’s well-being in the present.

The G20 Summit’s Virtual Mob: Are Courts Prepared for a New Age of Protests?

Alexander Heinze • Aug 17 2017 • Articles

Jumping on the bandwagon of demonizing crowds does not quite get to the point of violent protests and their causes.

Review – G20 Governance for a Globalized World

Peter I. Hajnal • Feb 1 2016 • Features

Although his critique of the UN is problematic, Kirton’s book remains an important contribution based on a solid foundation of political theory and empirical knowledge.

Review – MIKTA, Middle Powers, and New Dynamics of Global Governance

Hakan Mehmetcik • Dec 9 2015 • Features

By being one of the few scholarly texts to focus on the MIKTA, Jongryn’s edited volume is a substantial contribution to global governance literature.

Review – The G20: Evolution, Interrelationships, Documentaion

Hakan Mehmetcik • May 5 2015 • Features

Hajnal has penned a richly documented and well designed book which proves to be one of the best guides to an incredibly important institution of global governance.

G20 and the Culture of Protests

Monish Tourangbam • Dec 26 2014 • Articles

The culture of protests has become a common sight in all G20 summits, so much so that preventing violent activism has become an inevitable part of the security planning.

The Green Economy Challenge After Rio+20

Edward B. Barbier • Jun 29 2012 • Articles

The green economy is not just a current “buzz concept”. It represents a profound change in perceptions. Sadly, the opportunity to lock in a paradigm shift in international policy was lost at Rio+20.

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