Happy New Year (and an update) from E-International Relations

A very happy new year to all our readers. 2016 has been a year filled with political shocks and high-profile celebrity deaths, but in the midst of that the team at E-International Relations has been working hard on some great things. Before we share some of those with you, please complete our reader survey. It takes less than 5 minutes and it helps us understand the needs of our readers – which we value.

To celebrate the new year in style E-IR published our first beginner’s textbook International Relations. We are encouraged by the warm reception the book has had from students and academics around the world so far, and we look forward to it spreading far and wide. The book has been downloaded 7500 times already which is phenomenal.

We also announced our brand new Article Award in association with Oxford University Press and Routledge, aimed at PhD students and early career academics.

In 2016 we also built a new section of the website, the Student Portal. We built this partly to house our new textbooks, but also to bring together a range of student-facing resources so that E-IR’s student readers have everything published with them in mind located in one place. We are working hard on this in the coming months with the aim of making it the best virtual learning area of its kind.

To help shed some light on Brexit and the changing nature of the European Union we also launched two new expert blogs. Brexit: A European Perspective and Brexit: Global Perspectives. We also launched another new blog Subaltern States. These blogs are just getting started and promise to be a forum for informed debate and opinion in the year ahead.

We also added further to our library of open access books. We now have 20 titles available. Our readers downloaded these books over 100,000 times in 2016, marking their popularity. We have more books scheduled for 2017, including three monographs, a range of edited collections and our second textbook – on IR Theory.

If you want to join us and help us do more great things this year, please get in touch.

Finally, please do make your professors (if you are a student) or your colleagues (if you are faculty) know of E-IR’s advertising opportunities. Everything on E-IR is provided freely, something only possible because of advertising. We are always happy to receive new clients to advertise their degree programmes and scholarly products.

best wishes for the year ahead

The E-International Relations team



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